Click here to support Help Support My Kinders! by Angellena Jackson

Please help support my kindergarten class by donating whatever you can for classroom supplies, technology, materials, and etc. Your help is very much appreciated! :)

Help Support My Kindergarten Class

Hello, my name is Angellena Jackson and I am a first-year teacher at a high-poverty school that is going through some turnaround. I am asking for donations to help accommodate my students and their learning. As a new teacher, I don’t have much money to provide my students with all the supplies they will need for the school year, and many of the parents cannot afford to do so either. Any donations you would like to give will be very appreciated. I plan to buy a new classroom rug where my students can sit together for whole-group lessons and discussions, a listening station where students can listen to audio books to improve fluency, snacks for students towards the end of the day, and many different supplies that we may run out of mid-year. Once again, thank you for all of your help! :)

The link to donate can be found here: